Moving to Australia

At the moment I'm thinking of Australia. I think that I really wanna move there, to have a change in
life. Scott and I love to be with each other and I feel that he is the one I'm gonna stay with, start a
family with and live life happily ever after with. He complete me. Some would say it's too soon and that
I'm stupid...But hey, if I have the chance why not do it? What do I lose by doing it? I get a new
experience and I learn new things. You would be foolish not to.

Live life and die happy.


Clothes Black t-shirt and jeans
Makeup Mascara and i.d. bare minerals
Hairstyle Just as it is with a little gel
Photo Taken in Täby of heather

Nothing atm

Song Katy Perry - Firework
Food One glas of juice
I want Money for Australia
Favourite My life right now
Purchase Four items from H&M

Mood "Put me back to bed again, please"
To do Go and work, and then snuggle with Scott
Should Not think too much sometimes
Addiction Scott ♥

Longing For warmer weather and Australia
Fun Mine and Scott's humour :)
Shit That I have to work and not be with Scott

Starting from scratch


It's been a while now since I used this blog and updated it. I've made a new simple design and cleaned
up a bit about the posts and pictures, so I'm starting fresh now. This blog is mainly going to be about my
life and my photos. It's for my family and friends.

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